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The Kid-Safe Network

The Kid-Safe Network is a proactive, non-profit organization dedicated to the prevention of child abuse, molestation and abduction of our children. It is a national educational system that teaches and informs children and parents about "Danger Awareness". The Kid-Safe Network's national system expeditiously disseminates information about abducted or lost children.

The Kid-Safe Network has recruited and trained a National Staff and a network of Field Agents who work at providing information and also self-defense techniques to help women and children avoid and defend themselves during dangerous situations.

Thousands of young boys and girls are assaulted, sexually abused, and abducted each year. We must work harder to reduce this number and increase the number of pedophiles that are arrested and put in jail.

The Kid-Safe Network is working diligently with Local and State Police Agencies and the FBI to help identify and apprehend these pedophiles. Field Agents of the Kid-Safe Network are asked to:

Collect and disseminate information about lost and missing children
Assist local law enforcement agencies in your area
Act as a liaison between the Kid-Safe Network and their neighborhood
More information about becoming a Kid-Safe Network Field Agent
Rapid Child Rescue

Rapid Child Rescue

A highly secured online profile system that provides critical information and current photographs.

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Certified Agents

Certified Agents

Join the fight against those looking to harm our children by becoming an agent of the Kid-Safe Network.

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Women-Safe Network

Women-Safe Network

Learn how to recognize dangerous situations and teach advanced self-defense tactics for women.

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Take a look at short previews of some of our danger awareness and child safety videos.

Keeping Kids Safe Women-Safe Network  Child Escape Tactics

Important Phone Numbers & Links

Safety Links

Click below for important emergency telephone numbers and Internet Links

  • County Sheriff
    Find the Phone Number of Your Local Sheriff's Department.
  • State Police
    Phone Numbers to Connect You to Your State Police.
  • FBI
    Phone Numbers for your local FBI Office.
  • Poison Control
    Find the Phone Number of the Poison Control Office in Your Area.
  • Canada
    Find Emergency Numbers in All Provinces and Territories of Canada.
  • Sex Offenders
    Get Information on the Registered Sex Offenders in Your Neighborhood.